Iwona Faszczewski


I am a Nail Technician and LCN (light concept nail) specialist. I have been a licensed and practicing LCN technician since 1998, before any other gel products were on the market. I became an LCN educator in 2007 and have been a Physical Features employee since 2009. My passion is providing nails that everyone can be proud of. Creating the permanent French manicure is my favorite thing to do.

There is no question that LCN gel nail treatments are the finest on the market today. You can count on LCN gel nails to always give you a flawless manicure that gives a natural but stunning finish.

You have a range of colors to choose from, anything from clear for a natural look, to any other color of the rainbow. While LCN manicures are my specialty, I also provide professional pedicures, gel manicures and traditional manicure.