Phylis Dracopoulos


I have worked in the hairdressing profession for 29 years. For 27 of those years, I have dedicated my time and expertise at Physical Features.

One of the main reasons I enjoy working here is the warm, friendly and fun atmosphere. Not only does this environment affect me, but also clients too constantly mention how “comfortable” they are with our easy yet professional salon community.

Clients also mention how hard we who work at Physical Features as we strive to reach perfection in everything that we offer. Through continuing education, I have become an expert in hair straightening and smoothing treatments that changes the structure of unruly curly hair. Along with the smoothing treatments, I specialize in corrective coloring. Most clients do not realize the steps and processes involved in correctly altering the color of ones hair. This is where my expertise comes in to play. Lastly, along with the above-mentioned specialties, I am very creative when it comes to formal hair styling and bridal up-do’s. By constantly attending classes, always learning and experimenting with new styles, this keeps Physical Features and myself in the forefront of the salon industry.