Rosa Oliveira


Rosa, a former salon owner herself, has been in the hair industry for many years and a Physical Features stylist for four. Her patience and understanding is what gives all of her clients the comforting feeling they have when they sit in her chair. She knows what it is like to sit in a chair and have the hairdresser not listen. With Rosa, you will get the attention you deserve and will get as close to “what you want” as possible. Rosa is also able to assist our Spanish-speaking clients as she is fluent in both Spanish and English.

Her specialties include but are not limited to, Long Hair, All types of Hair coloring Techniques like…Vibrant Colors, Multi-dimensional Highlights, Balayage and Ombre’s. And Her Blowouts and Haircuts, Like All of her work show the Love and Passion she has for our Industry. Rosa is a Master at her Craft when it comes to Long hair. She works amazingly well with layering and styles and really knows how to make her customers Happy. With regards to color, she loves working with the creative customers who want the funky vibrant colors and also with those who want sophisticated natural shades as well. She is also up to date on most of the mens and boys haircuts.

Rosa loves the hair industry and has said, “We all love what we do! This is not just another job for us. We love making our customers feel special and beautiful.”